Onrustige darmen, overprikkeld brein

Onrustige darmen, overprikkeld brein

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Charlotte Labee / Brain Under Strain
Charlotte Labee / Brain Under Strain

Brain Under Strain: restore balance and tranquility in 10 steps

Unstrain your brain in 10 steps

Over 42% of people in the US and UK experiences burn-out symptoms1, and the number keeps growing at alarming speed. Brain Balance expert Charlotte Labee shares the latest scientific insights on this urgent topic in her book Brain Under Strain, which became a national bestseller after its first publication in The Netherlands. The feeling of being constantly switched on, receiving an endless stream of stimuli through (social) media and performance pressure lead to a heavy strain on our brains. How does our brain cope with all the demands and opportunities of modern society? Things like smartphones, an increasing speed of living, stress and bad news, addictive tendencies and overconsumption which is bad for both brain and body.

Restore balance and tranquility in your life

Timely notice the symptoms of a brain under strain and restore the balance within 10 weeks with the help of this book. The 10 steps cover topics as diet, exercise, heart coherence, the connection with self, self-love, and relaxation that Charlotte Labee uses to guide you towards a path of balance and tranquility.

Is this book for me?

Brain Under Strain is meant for everyone who longs for a way to cope with the hectic world of today without constantly feeling overwhelmed, stressed, tired, or burned out. Discover how you can easily create structural positive change when you have the right tools and knowledge to do so. Use the accessible information and practical tips to say goodbye to the vague symptoms that have had a hold on you all this time, and deal with demands and expectations of society in a way that doesn’t cost you your health. Discover how good it feels to face daily challenges with resilience, flexibility, balance, and joy again.

“A brain under strain is one of the largest upcoming problems within our society. It is the cause of countless physical, mental, and emotional health problems, such as panic attacks, anxiety disorders, burn-out or depression.”

Charlotte Labee

Brain Balance Expert

Brain Under Strain covers topics such as:

“An emotion or a feeling is nothing more than an experience from the past.”

More than 125.000 of dutch people came before you:

This book gave me knowledge about so much more than just the brain. It has a clear layout with calming colors that worked positively on me. After reading this, I applied all the tools and I’m now much more aware of my pitfalls, how I can find balance, and how I can handle stimulants. Because of the way the knowledge is shared I have a clearer idea of how all the processes in the brain and body work and how everything is connected. This way, I can be a better version of myself. – C

Unfortunately, I ended up at home with burn-out symptoms a while ago. I was always running around, never took rest and was always ‘on’. I got this book as a gift from a friend. It was so comforting to read how everything in your head works, how one thing influences the other. Some things were so logical but I just never looked at them that way. I’m so happy I got this book and it really attributed to my understanding of the ‘why’ and also what needs to change in order to prevent the same from happening in the future and to get back on my feed now. 🙏❤️ – Marlies

When my physiotherapist brought up this book in conversation I immediately bought it after. What a read, I flew through it in a few days! It reads nicely and Charlotte writes it all down in such a way that you don’t have to read it twice. For me, this book is a huge step towards a calmer and less strained brain and body. I definitely recommend this one (I already mentioned it multiple times in conversation with friends and family)! Charlotte, thank you for this wonderful book! ❣️🙏 – L.v.B.

What an amazing book, well written, informative, and extremely interesting. Our brain is such a special and amazing organ. I think it’s a beautiful thing that we can do so much to support or brain. I’m going to work on it. Thank you Charlotte for the nice insights and your supplements, of which I’m also a fan. – E

The book already caught my attention a few times at the bookstore, which made me decide to buy it. My expectations upon seeing the title ‘Unstrain your Brain’ were completely different from what the book turned out to be, but it was so interesting I finished it in one breath. What an amazing read! The information of the book is clear and complete and exactly what I needed at that moment. Very special! I’ll definitely explore this further. 🙏✨❤️ – Jell

I read this book after it was advised by my physiotherapist, who coached me for a year because of my long-covid. Charlotte describes the exact lifestyle that I want to follow and keep. Everything I’ve learned in the past five years, is here described in one book. Everything you need to know for a healthy and fit lifestyle is in there. Amazing! – Danielle Koopman

I’ve read more stuff to get in better shape but in this book you will find (almost?) all aspects that will help you to feel better and all symptoms caused by our hectic, always-on life are discussed, and if you follow the tips, you will truly start to feel better! Promise! 💞 – D.P.

An amazing addition to all earlier books of Charlotte Labee. Scientific information is shared in an accessible way, which makes it easy to understand and an enjoyable read. Next to that it’s nice that there’s a lot of practical tips, which makes it easier to apply certain things within your own lifestyle. Everyone should read this book! 🧠🙏 – Z.d.

I’ve been a fan of Charlotte Labee for years; because of i.a. diet, exercises and growth mindset I’ve become a different person; this book is the cherry on the pie! Explained clearly and with useful exercises. This should be used in schools too, if you asked me. Thank you Charlotte! 💘 – J.H.

Your 10 week guide to a more balanced mind.

About this book:


The book ‘Brain under strain’ by Brain Balance Expert Charlotte Labee offers concrete tools for more peace and balance. Brain Balance Expert Charlotte Labee shares in ‘Brain under strain’ the latest scientific insights about our often overstimulated and exhausted brain. Charlotte helps you to recognize the symptoms of overstimulation and gives concrete tools to restore the balance in your brain and in your life. She shows how, by working on nutrition, exercise, relaxation and connection, you will experience more peace and regain your energy within 10 weeks.


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Over Charlotte Labee

Charlotte Labee, Brain Balance Expert, founder of the successful Brain Balance Institute and author. She has written eight books so far, three of which were in the Dutch Bestseller top 60; Brain Food Smoothies, Brain Under Strain and Your Powerful Brain. Charlotte has already helped more than 150.000 people achieve their goals with her books, theater tours, coaching and lifestyle advice, training, education, social media, master classes and supplements.


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Is this book for me?

Brain Under Strain is meant for everyone who longs for a way to cope with the hectic world of today without constantly feeling overwhelmed, stressed, tired or burned out.

Do I need to repeat the exercises throughout the period of 10 weeks?

You will spend 10 weeks working on creating new and better habits. This is enough time to change your current brain programming in significant ways. Keep repeating exercises daily and re-read them regularly to make sure you are doing them correctly.